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发布时间: 2022 - 04 - 25
Pocket Slider L5iMute.APP control,AB point positioning,time lapse photography,Stepless speed regulation,
发布时间: 2020 - 12 - 31
Professional Interview MicrophoneThe noise caused by shaking can be effective shielded by the damping structure.Cardioid DirectionAdjustable sensitivityAdjustable LOW-CUT function.Real-time MonitoringProfessional Interview Microphone MIC09Internal Professional Cardioid Pickup ConfigurationThe pickup distance with a mobile phone is 0- 1.5 meters, and the pickup distance with a camera is 0- 4 meters.Professional Anti-noise MicrophoneAnti-noise circuit board, powerful noise reductionCardioid Direction RecordingCardioid directional recording, leading to a strong directivity, shielding environmental noiseAdjustable sensitivity with the external knob switch.Adaptable for different soundSensitivity AdjustmentExternal Low-freque...
发布时间: 2020 - 12 - 31
The microphone is assembled with a shock absorbing structure that can withstand severe shaking.External configuration of windshield, effective noise reduction.The audio cable is 60-cm long for easy connection of various devices.It's available for most phones and cameras.
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The Matte Boxis a simple and affordable one that mounts to 15mm rails by means of a bracket and accepts lenses up to 100mm in diameter. The lenses don't screw in but just position in the opening. The height is adjustable on its rail bracket to support different sized cameras and lenses. A top flag and two side flags, which are made durable metal, are included to keep unwanted light out of a lens.

1.Professional swing away and locking design, can install polarizing filters

2.overall right can be rotated for easy camera installation

3.Three removable flags made of aluminum, easy for installation and removal, also can be manually adjusted

4.Unique slot design to solve the problem of flag easy to fall off

5.For 16: 9 wide-angle lens, and equipped with four kinds of rubber gaskets

6.360° rotatable filter trays and adapters for polarizing filter, filter trays are switchable for 4'x4' and 4'x5.6' filter size

The Matte Box can be mounted in the front of the lens for blocking the light when shooting. With Three-blade removable flags, and easy to carry. Its flexibility to create 'light shape', with amazing light blocking effect, simple design, can be installed in accordance with international standards of rail, and by adjusting the height to adapt to different sizes of cameras.

M2  Professional DSLR Matte Box 4*4 Filter Trays for 15mm Rod 5dmkii 7d 60d 550d

M2  Professional DSLR Matte Box 4*4 Filter Trays for 15mm Rod 5dmkii 7d 60d 550d

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